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>I’ve been seriously neglecting my little blog. Mostly it’s because I’m eating the same things over and over, and because I’m so tired when I get home from work that I can barely bring myself to have a conversation with my husband-much less cook an inspiring dinner (sometimes I just don’t even eat..bleh).

I promise to start taking pictures so I can at least post pictures every day of the things I eat. I have a fantastic camera for food; so there’s really no excuse.

Seems like a lot of my fellow bloggers have been taking the same kind of break as me. I hope this is because you’re all eating healthy but possibly boring food. I’ve been eating a lot of brown rice. And it makes me feel great!



About laceythevegan

I'm a reader, a food lover, a crazy cat lady, an animal lover, local shopper and local music supporter. You can find me in East Nashville most of the time, shopping, having a drink at a locally owned bar, or eating food at a local restaurant. I like cumin and smoked paprika way more than I should, winter squashes make me happy, and while I do like most fruits, I only *love* berries and mangoes. I'd rather have salty snacks than sweets, and the darker chocolate is, the better. I still think Earth Balance is the best fake butter, Vegenaise is the best vegan mayo, and Almond Milk tastes better than soy milk. Chia seeds are my favorite egg substitute for the most part, and pumpkin tends to bind better than applesauce-especially in chocolate goods. I know a lot about food and nutrition, but that doesn't mean I'm the healthiest person. I tend to avoid eating out because I know I can make food that tastes better at home.

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  1. >Happy New Year kunt!I've been seriously lacking in the blogging too – I'm still playing catch-up on everything after the hollydays.

  2. >I took a long break because of the holidays and starting my whole weight loss thing.I think it's definitely the new year and seasonal lethargy.


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