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>I’m breaking myself in for Mo’Fo right now by starting to test Thanksgiving Recipes. I love Thanksgiving; and I think this has something to do with my birthday being on Thanksgiving every so often and my birthday being within 2-3 days of Tofurkey day every year. Can I call it Celebration Roast day instead? I’m not a huge fan of Tofurkey to be honest. Yesterday; I bought a 2 pack of Wholly Wholesome pie crusts from Whole Foods. While I was checking out; I noticed I picked one that was cracked in half; so I asked if I could go grab another one. If you know Whole Foods; you know they sampled the broken pack of crusts for me. So I came home with 4 pie crusts. While I will say I finally mastered the art of making pie crust; it’s still not my favorite thing, plus it requires chilling time and I just…I’m one of those people who wants to cook NOW; not later. Yesterday I decided to test out a pumpkin pie recipe. Every recipe I could find online for vegan pumpkin pie called for tofu-ew. I hate tofu in pies. HATE IT. I know you’re going to think I’m crazy; but the S’mlove pie? YUCK. All I can taste in it is tofu when I make it the way the recipe says to. So I knew I was going to have to figure out a pumpkin pie recipe of my own. I decided tofu was still probably the best ‘egg-like’ binder; but I wanted to reduce the amount of it dramatically. Here’s what I came up with:

Pumpkin Pie Recipe
3/4 c coconut milk (do not use lite)
1T + 1 t cornstarch
3 oz (1/4 of a block) of extra firm silken tofu
1 15oz can of pumpkin puree (about 1 3/4 c)
1/4 c Follow Your Heart Cream Cheese
1/4 c Artisana Coconut Butter ( Do not use oil. I cannot guarantee it will work in this recipe)
1 t vanilla extract
1/3 c maple syrup
1/3 c date syrup OR date paste thinned with water
4 t pumpkin pie spice

Bake your Wholly Wholesome pie crust at 350 for 10 degrees. Remove from the oven; but leave it on.

Dissolve the cornstarch in 1/4 c of the coconut milk. Use a fork to do this, and make sure all of the lumps are gone. Once this is done; add this and the remainder of your ingredients to a food processor. Run on low for about 2 minutes; until everything is COMPLETELY combined. Taste the batter; because it’s vegan and you won’t get sick from it. You’re also making sure it tastes delicious. I had to stop myself from calling it pudding and eating it. Pour this mixture into your par-baked pie shell; and bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

Remove from the oven and let the pie come to room temperature; then cover and refrigerate overnight to set. I let mine chill for about 4 hours before I HAD to cut into it. It was perfectly set and not at all runny. I should have made the pie prettier; but here’s a cell phone picture. I have been using the camera on my phone because the light in my kitchen is crappy and my camera tends to overexpose pictures sometimes. I’ll work on it. Have some pie!!

 You can see park of the crack in the crust; I used to broken pie shell first since this was an experimental recipe. I’m glad this turned out well. When I make this next; I will smooth out the top before baking; and use some Pumpkin Pie Spiced Macadamia Cream when I serve it…ohhh or bourbon caramel…oh my god somebody stop me now. Some ganache might be nice too. I’ve taken to making ganache with dark chocolate and Artisana Coconut Butter. It is amazing. I’m addicted to coconut butter; it does’t make things oily like the oil does; it makes them coconutty but it’s kind of dry; which is really cool to me!
Are you testing holiday recipes yet? I’ve got to figure out a good main dish. I may end up making a pot pie; but then I’d feel guilty if I had stuffing too. Oh well; most stuffing turns out gross since I went vegan…but this year I have an idea involving rosemary sourdough bread, corn bread, Imagine No-Chicken Broth, and apple sage field roast sausage (which is the ONLY fake meat that has every truly impressed me-and just that variety and the celebration roast at that; the others aren’t great).


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I'm a reader, a food lover, a crazy cat lady, an animal lover, local shopper and local music supporter. You can find me in East Nashville most of the time, shopping, having a drink at a locally owned bar, or eating food at a local restaurant. I like cumin and smoked paprika way more than I should, winter squashes make me happy, and while I do like most fruits, I only *love* berries and mangoes. I'd rather have salty snacks than sweets, and the darker chocolate is, the better. I still think Earth Balance is the best fake butter, Vegenaise is the best vegan mayo, and Almond Milk tastes better than soy milk. Chia seeds are my favorite egg substitute for the most part, and pumpkin tends to bind better than applesauce-especially in chocolate goods. I know a lot about food and nutrition, but that doesn't mean I'm the healthiest person. I tend to avoid eating out because I know I can make food that tastes better at home.

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  1. >I love pumpkin pie! I've never tried a non-vegan version though. Can you believe that? Growing up, we never had pumpkin pie because my mom hates pumpkin. So I didn't try it until I was all grown up and already vegan. But I love the tofu versions (how can hate S'mlove?!). Yours looks fab! And how cool that your birthday falls around Thanksgiving! Do you still get birthday cake when it falls on the day of Thanksgiving? Or do you get pumpkin pie with candles instead?

  2. >@Bianca:I can't believe your mom hates pumpkin!! I freaking love it. Non-vegan pumpkin pie doesn't taste different from the vegan version. On the Smlove pie-I've changed the recipe to suit my needs (AKA subbing FYH cream cheese for the tofu) and I adore it that way 🙂

  3. >I have a goal to make a pumpkin pie this year because the few other times I have attempted it, it didn't come out to my liking. I'll have to look for those pie crusts because, like you, I don't have the patience to make dough, chill it, roll it out, dance around it, sprinkle it with fairy dust, etc.

  4. >That looks so incredibly awesome, even with all those substitutions! I would post it over on By the way, where do you buy your date syrup?

  5. >@CS; I make my own date syrup!


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