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I have, in the past, made it a point to not talk about myself very much. After all, this is supposed to be a food blog….but I’ve realized that what I enjoy most about food blogs, is getting to know the author. I’m always curious about other people’s lives, so I figure other people probably feel this way. I keep seeing this survey around, so I figured I’d fill it out and give you some information about me.

This is me (with dark hair) and one of my favorite people, Kayla.
A. Age: Closer to 30 than I’d like to be…though that’s only because I really thought I’d be a doctor at this point in my life. I’m not, but I’ve realized I can still earn my MD before the serious doctor shortage starts in 15 years. I shouldn’t give myself boundries, I can achieve whatever I’d like and I shouldn’t have held myself back from happiness. In case you care, I always wanted to be a pediatrician or a psychiatrist…which is funny because I don’t want kids (but I do like them!)

B. Bed size: Queen, tempurpedic. Since making the switch, I can’t sleep well on anything else.

C. Chore you dislike: dishes…we don’t have a dishwasher and our kitchen is tiny. I also hate scooping out the litter box twice a day, but i like my house not smelling like cat central…

D. Dogs: I’m a cat person, but when we buy a house and have a yard, I know we’ll adopt a large dog.

E. Essential start to your day: brushing my teeth. Six months ago I would have said coffee or black tea, but that’s not a daily thing anymore. If I don’t brush my teeth though, I feel nasty all day.

F. Favorite color: I like bold colors, purple first, then blue, then greens.

G. Gold or silver: silver or platinum. Gold looks weird with my skin tone.

H. Height: 5’6″

I. Instruments you play(ed): Clarinet, flute, though I doubt I could actually play either of these now.

J. Job title: Account Manager, Sales.

K. Kids: I like them, but I don’t want any.

L. Live: In Nashville, TN. I love it here. I wasn’t born here, but I love it and it would take a LOT for me to leave here. My family is here and I’m really attached to them.

M. Mom’s name: This is not about my family, so I’ll skip this one.

N. Nicknames: None, seriously.

O. Overnight hospital stays: only when I had my tonsils out at 2 years old.

P. Pet peeves: people who drive in the exit only lane when they’re not exiting, people who are so self absorbed that they only think of themselves instead of considering the hardships others have, people who lack compassion, people who encourage irresponsibility .

Q. Quote from a movie: hrmm. I really can’t think of a movie quote that’s changed my life…unless the comedy central roasts count, in which case, in the words of the late Greg Giraldo, in regards to Larry The Cable Guy, “…you gravy sweating cousin fucker.”

R. Righty or lefty: Righty

S. Siblings: So many of them, one brother, two half brothers, two step brothers, three step sisters, and then there’s the list of the once removed step siblings which i won’t get into.

T. Time you wake up: I have a new schedule at work, so 5:30 through the week. It’s brutal.

U. Underwear: Cheeksters.

V. Vegetables you don’t like: I absolutely hate bell peppers. They have zero heat to me and their flavor leeches into other food and contaminates it, making it inedible. This is the only vegetable I loathe. UGH BELL PEPPERS ARE SO NASTY!!

W. What makes you run late: I don’t plan enough.

X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth are it.

Y. Yummy food you make: tofu that omin’s love, that’s all I’m sayin. Oh, and sweets. I’m known for being the friend who makes birthday cakes and delicious alcoholic concoctions. Because yeah, I like to drink.

Z. Zoo animal favorites: I’m not really a fan of zoos, but I went to the San Diego zoo last summer and the elephants were incredible, and most had long ivory tusks that were gorgeous.

bonus: I have awesome friends. JSYK


About laceythevegan

I'm a reader, a food lover, a crazy cat lady, an animal lover, local shopper and local music supporter. You can find me in East Nashville most of the time, shopping, having a drink at a locally owned bar, or eating food at a local restaurant. I like cumin and smoked paprika way more than I should, winter squashes make me happy, and while I do like most fruits, I only *love* berries and mangoes. I'd rather have salty snacks than sweets, and the darker chocolate is, the better. I still think Earth Balance is the best fake butter, Vegenaise is the best vegan mayo, and Almond Milk tastes better than soy milk. Chia seeds are my favorite egg substitute for the most part, and pumpkin tends to bind better than applesauce-especially in chocolate goods. I know a lot about food and nutrition, but that doesn't mean I'm the healthiest person. I tend to avoid eating out because I know I can make food that tastes better at home.

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  1. I had NO idea you loath bell peppers. This is very important information for me to know about my friends! Have you ever had pickled bell peppers? If you’re open I think I may be able to convert you. 😉

  2. I hate green bell peppers, too. I hate celery as well, but it doesn’t (as you said so well) contaminate everything it touches like green bell peppers do!

    What I really hate is when something with bell peppers is the only veg*n option on a menu. That should be a crime.

  3. This is great! And I love all your favorite colors.


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