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Addicted To Veggies…is awesome!

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Please tell me you’re all familiar with Sarahfae.

Sarahfae is a seriously inspirational girl. Not only does she love old movies, trains, cute shoes and Buster Keaton, but she makes AMAZING raw food that doesn’t require special equipment. There are very few recipes of Sarahfae’s that require a dehydrator-much less a vitamix. I mean, who can afford a Vitamix anyways, right? (That’s my way of being grumpy that I can’t afford one, but seriously-you likely don’t need one!) You can make Sarahfae’s recipes with a blender, a food processor, an oven with a low setting, or even just your trusty knife and cutting board. Ok, so you do need a food processor. It doesn’t have to be top of the line, but if you’re trying to decide if you should buy a food processor or a blender and you don’t want to spend the money on a high powered blender, get a food processor. You can still make smoothies in a food processor, but it’s unlikely that you can make nut cheeze in a blender.

First of all, there’s this caraway cottage cheeze that’s more savory than you probably remember cottage cheese being, but it’s also more tasty than any nut cheeze I’ve ever made. It is literally my favorite thing to eat. I always make a double batch of this. The girl is a genius. I mean, tell me you’ve ever made raw nut cheeze from macadamia nuts and zucchini. I bet you haven’t. But you *REALLY* should. If caraway isn’t your thing-leave it out.
Sweet and Spicy Stuff Tomatoes are My favorite-just click the picture to go to the recipe!
Perhaps your diet isn’t as raw as you’d like because there are certain condiments you cannot fathom removing from your life.
Enter, Addicted To Veggies Sour Cream..yes…raw sour cream.

Raw vegan deviled eggs? I bet you never thought you’d see the day!

Now this might sound weird, but one of the reasons I love Sarahfae’s blog so much is that she’s not someone who constantly posts dessert recipes. She posts REAL food, food you can eat daily without worrying about a sugar crash, or if you’re eating enough greens. Sure, she has great desserts, like Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches:

I rely on this blog quite a bit throughout the early spring-summer and early fall months. Eating 80% or higher raw through the hotter months makes me feel better. It’s almost like the heat doesn’t get to me quite as badly.
Another thing I love about Sarahfae’s blog her her honesty. She’s not perfect and she doesn’t pretend to be. For example; she still enjoys brewed tea. The important thing about making a life style change is not restricting yourself when it comes to things you love that don’t negatively impact your life. And I think a cup of delicious tea is just fine! I mean the girl created Leek Cauliflower Broccoli Risotto. The picture links you to several leek recipes:

Check out addicted to veggies and add a little raw cuisine to your life-you won’t be sorry you did! Sarahfae uses tags on her posts; so if you’re interested in a certain type of dish or a certain ingredient-you can click the link to see a variety of recipes.
Check her out. Tell her how awesome she is.


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  1. She is awesome! And her photos are beautiful. The recipes inspire me a lot.


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