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Close up of my delicious salad

Spinach, Arugula, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, marinated mushrooms and hot sauce.

Coconut Butter Mango Cookie Balls (high raw) Loosely based off Peace, Love and Veggie’s White chocolate mango cookie dough balls recipe, but I don’t like vegan white chocolate, so I used coconut butter instead for dipping/chips. The only non-raw part of this is the oats…and dried mango probably isn’t raw either. They were store bought so there’s no way to know they weren’t heated when dried.
Pulse 1/3 c raw almonds, 1/3 c raw cashews and 1/3 c oats in a food processor until they turn to dust. Pour this mixture into a bowl and add 3 T liquid sweetner, I used local, raw, unfiltered honey-but agave would work as well. Add 1/2 t vanilla and stir well to combine. To this mixture add 1/4 c dried diced mango and 3 T coconut butter, flaked off into chunks. Form into balls and stick in the fridge until the mixture isn’t so sticky. Melt 3 T coconut butter and 1 T raw coconut oil in the microwave and dip balls. Store in the fridge. This makes 12 one tablespoon sized balls.

And lastly; there was an INSANE storm that ripped through East Nashville last night. I woke up around 4:45 AM to hail beating on our windows. The wind and destruction continued for an hour. When I finally pulled myself out of bed, we lost power. Getting dressed in the dark is fun? There were also several streets that were inaccessible due to fallen trees and powerlines. The below photograph is from my street. Notice how the tree is literally hanging from the powerline? Scary!


About laceythevegan

I'm a reader, a food lover, a crazy cat lady, an animal lover, local shopper and local music supporter. You can find me in East Nashville most of the time, shopping, having a drink at a locally owned bar, or eating food at a local restaurant. I like cumin and smoked paprika way more than I should, winter squashes make me happy, and while I do like most fruits, I only *love* berries and mangoes. I'd rather have salty snacks than sweets, and the darker chocolate is, the better. I still think Earth Balance is the best fake butter, Vegenaise is the best vegan mayo, and Almond Milk tastes better than soy milk. Chia seeds are my favorite egg substitute for the most part, and pumpkin tends to bind better than applesauce-especially in chocolate goods. I know a lot about food and nutrition, but that doesn't mean I'm the healthiest person. I tend to avoid eating out because I know I can make food that tastes better at home.

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  1. The storm was crazy! And when I turned on the TV to see what was going on, nothing. Stupid Channel 4.

    Also, those cookie balls sound great!

  2. I so dislike storms, especially all the nasty ones that we’ve been gettng here lately.
    Those cookie balls sound great!


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