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raspberries and tequila and my delicious life

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This blog is turning into sharing my life rather than recipes, and I’m okay with that for now. The summer and fall seem to be when I do the most living. I’m also testing for the latest Happy Herbivore book, so look forward to seeing pictures from my tests! HH recipes go right along with eating clean like I’ve been doing!

Skinny girl margarita with fresh smashed raspberries.
raspberries and tequila

Paleonola. (contains honey)
This stuff was freaking delicious. If it wasn’t expensive, I’d seek out a place to buy this!

I bought this wine purely for the name. Cupcake isn’t always my favorite brand of wine, but this one is perfect for a summery day when you don’t want something too dry. It would also make great red sangria because it’s a sweeter red.

Whole Wheat Peach Scones.

I’ve been experimenting with cooking with only white whole wheat flour. Peaches are in season and super delicious this year. These scones were bearable, but not my best. I made them without fat so they were a little heavy. I think scones are just something that taste better when made with earth balance, butter, or coconut oil. The fat just lends a flavor that reminds me of scones. They sure were pretty though.

Mermaid Pilsner. Kayla brought several variety packs of delicious beer for Annie’s birthday. This one had such a beautiful label that I had to try it. It was decent, but not what I normally drink. I’m a wheat beer kind of girl, through and through.

Also on Annie’s birthday, we had a bounce house. YES. I am an adult. (ahem.)

Sometimes I do eat healthy things. Actually, here lately I eat healthy all the time, but since I’m backlogged with photographs, it probably doesn’t appear that way. This gigantic seaweed salad was more than worth the $3 it cost me.

Lastly, for today, on June 13th my life changed. My life partner and close friend, Sloane, had her little girl, Loreli Lynnox. She’s calling her Eli and I love her so much. Warning, I will probably start posting pictures of Eli at least semi-regularly because, well, she’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Tomorrow, a beach post, about my vacation. I hope you all have been enjoying your summers so far! I’m off to play blog reading catch up!


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