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Vegan Mofo#2 AKA 50 days from Thanksgiving

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Today is 50 days from Thanksgiving. I can’t take credit for knowing that though, It was Cassie over at Back To Her Roots. In fact, most of this blog post is kind of taken form her, because her post really inspired me this morning.

Her post inspired me to meet 10 goals in 50 days. I know I can do this and telling the blog world will only help me stick to my guns on this! Now, Cassie is not vegan, but she does post quite a lot of vegan recipes. So while my goals will be very similar to hers, they will not be the same-specifically her #5. Goal, which is to eat at least 75 meatless meals. I do that anyways πŸ™‚

So I want to lay out my goals:
1. Log at least 2000 fitness minutes. That means an average of 40 minutes per day. This one will actually be easier for me now than it would have been in the past; specifically because my husband and I recently rescued this handsome guy:

He’s the reason I’m late to work almost every day. He likes 2-3 walks a day and I’m definitely okay with that!
2. Walk or run 1000 miles. See above. THANK YOU CHANEY!!
3. Learn 10 yoga poses. I’ve never done any yoga, so this should be fun πŸ™‚
4. Eat 250 servings of vegetables.
5. Eat 75 oil free meals.
6. Drink 500 8 ounce glasses of water. This WILL be a challenge. I really slack on water consumption.
7. Go at least 25 days without consuming any refined sugar.
8. Complete 25 random acts of kindness
9. Go 50 days without complaining about my body or anyone else’s. I have noticed that females in general are pretty guilty of criticizing the bodies of others. It’s not fair and it’s not okay. I don’t like it when people do it to me, I need to stop doing it myself.
10. Convince my husband to participate in Meatless Monday on a permanent basis. I know that goal is related to him, but if I’m pushy enough, he’ll do it πŸ™‚

What does this have to do with vegan mofo? Oh, I’m not really sure, but I think it’s an excellent plan and I challenge anyone out there to try setting their own goals. Hey, if you’re not vegan, why not make it a goal to be vegan for the next 50 days?


About laceythevegan

I'm a reader, a food lover, a crazy cat lady, an animal lover, local shopper and local music supporter. You can find me in East Nashville most of the time, shopping, having a drink at a locally owned bar, or eating food at a local restaurant. I like cumin and smoked paprika way more than I should, winter squashes make me happy, and while I do like most fruits, I only *love* berries and mangoes. I'd rather have salty snacks than sweets, and the darker chocolate is, the better. I still think Earth Balance is the best fake butter, Vegenaise is the best vegan mayo, and Almond Milk tastes better than soy milk. Chia seeds are my favorite egg substitute for the most part, and pumpkin tends to bind better than applesauce-especially in chocolate goods. I know a lot about food and nutrition, but that doesn't mean I'm the healthiest person. I tend to avoid eating out because I know I can make food that tastes better at home.

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  1. Amen Sister! I am so mean to myself in my head for some reason? I would never say the same things to my close friends.. hell I would never even think the same thoughts? It’s so strange, for some reason it’s OK to do it to myself? No bueno. Thanks for sharing, good goals πŸ™‚ I have a calendar in my bathroom with a pad of those old school gold stars from grade school. Every time I exercise I get a star. It sounds really cheesy but it’s weird how those stars begin to show you how strong you have become and they motivate you to keep going. It’s a cheap personal trainer.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in the self-criticism. I’ve got to be more accepting and kinder to myself πŸ™‚

      I have gold star stickers too shhhhh πŸ˜›

  2. What a great idea! I need to put some thought into the 10 goals for me but I really like some of yours like the oil free meals. That is so much more specific and measurable than just “eat healthy meals” which is probably what I would have listed.

  3. This post Rules.

    But honestly, tell me – women complain to other women about OTHER women’s bodies?! Please explain this to me. If any of my friends ever said anything negative to me about my body, they would swiftly not be my friend anymore. Is saying negative things about other women’s bodies like… a thing?

    Sorry I’m so damned naive.

    Anyway, good luck with all these goals! They are fabulous! You will meet them all!

  4. Great goals!

    It’s only a few days away from Thanksgiving for me! πŸ˜€ (But I’m in Canada)

    I love the random acts of kindness one, it’s one of those that isn’t just amazingly personally fulfilling, but you could absolutely make someones day. Someone, out there, somewhere. πŸ™‚


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