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Eating Vegan in Nashville, TN

I think this page will end up being a very resourceful tool.

I’m going to add to this as I learn about new places. This post is inspired by The Vegan Man Cave, who has a similar list posted. Comment with any additions please! Most of these listing are NOT strictly vegetarian or vegan, because Nashville actually only has 2 all veg restaurants that I know of. I’ll add links to these places at a later date, but they are all very google-able 🙂

The Wild Cow (all vegan unless you request dairy cheese)
Khan’s Desserts (NOT just a bakery-several lunch times-all vegan)
Vegan Vee
Sunflower Cafe (all vegan)
Spark of Life Healing Foods (all vegan EXCEPT watch out for honey in a few dishes)
Holland House Bar & Refuge (typically one vegan meal on menu)
Cafe Coco
Brixx Pizza
Taco Mamacita (jerk plantain tacos. SERIOUSLY)
Rose Pepper
Mellow Mushroom
Sam and Zoe’s
Cafe Calypso
Panera (chain, I know)
Bagelface Bagels
Mitchell’s Delicatessen
Zumi Sushi
Batter’d and Fried (sushi menu has vegan items)
Bombay Bistro
Woodlands Indian
Mas Tacos, Por Favor (order w/o yogurt/sour cream topping)
Suzy Wong’s House of Yum
The Smiling Elephant
Marche-ALWAYS features one vegan option on the dinner menu
Thai Phooket (specify vegetarian, no egg)
Mad Donna’s
The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden (black bean burger)
Drifters BBQ
Beyond The Edge
Hot Diggity Dog
Boundr’y (call in advance)
Jackson’s Bar and Bistro
Zumi Sushi
Germantown Cafe/Cafe East-by request items can be made vegan
Pizza Perfect
The Dog of Nashville
Pita Pit
The Wild Hare
Sloco (currenlty THREE vegan sammies)
Baja Burrito, which now serves seitan!


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  1. Dig the list. I totally slacked on mine, and with me moving to LA, probably wouldn’t have kept it up. I’ve added a link on my eating vegan in nashville page to yours.
    Not sure the name, but apparently there’s a restaurant in the Hutton Hotel that has vegan options. It may already be on your list.

  2. The Wild Hare has a few vegan options (mostly salads) and accommodates requests readily.

    Sloco can do vegan (I had two vegan sandwiches there the other day).

    It would take a long time to list all the Mediterranean places that have vegan platters (falafel, hummus, rice, tabbouleh, etc minus the yogurt dressings).

    Sonobana has several vegan options including cucumber, avocado, and natto rolls.

    I’ll see if I can think of more to represent the west side for you. 🙂

    • How is Sloco? Haven’t tried yet cuz their hours are totally inconvenient.

      • I haven’t tried them either because I work in Cool Springs and I can’t make it to 12th and back during lunch. Sometime soon I’ll take a week day off though and try it out because I’ve heard great things about Jeremy’s seitan.

  3. Do you know if the veggie burger over at PM is vegan?

    This list is amazing by the way!

    • The veggie burger at PM is vegan if you order it without cheese, but ask about the bun-I haven’t been in a while and they may have changed it.

      • I asked the chef and the PM veggie burger has egg in it to hold it together!

      • That’s disappointing. I hate it when places change. Burger up has a vegan burger.

      • When I asked Burger Up about the Veggie Burger, they told me it wasn’t vegan. That’s the Cool Springs location though…unless something has recently changed?

      • I’m going to email you in case you don’t see my reply, but this has changed, it’s vegan now. About 6 weeks ago I caused a huge uproar in the internet world because people were getting different answers about if the marathon burger was vegetarian or vegan. When i asked on their FB wall, the head chef replied that it wasn’t even vegetarian, that ketchup containing anchovies was used to make the quinoa, thus making the burger not veg. Miranda, the owner stepped in and she and the head chef got together and changed the burger’s ingredients. It is now vegan at both locations 🙂

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